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Take your first step towards staying high and dry!

Women account for eighty per cent of all urinary incontinence sufferers. One in eight women suffers faecal incontinence and one in three who've had a baby experiences some form of urine leakage. Scary huh??!!

Eastbourne Holistic Core Restore

Many of the symptoms of incontinence can be treated, managed and even cured with the right help however research shows more than 60 per cent of Women with bladder or bowel weakness suffer in silence.

It's a very personal issue for many women, so to go and speak to someone about the fact that you're leaking urine, you're having gas control issues or you're soiling is very difficult.

Incontinence often occurs when a person's pelvic floor muscles do not function as effectively as they should, and it can impact upon every aspect of their life. Our confidence, our self-esteem, our dignity, can all be shattered if there is an upset to something as basic as our continence control.

Adopting and maintaining simple preventative measures can help women avoid many types of pelvic floor dysfunction, including incontinence, pelvic pain and pelvic organ prolapse (the displacement of the bladder, bowel or uterus).

Strengthening a weak pelvic floor can help women overcome existing problems. These conditions can be very anxiety producing, but they are treatable. Making changes can definitely make a difference.

The Holistic Core Restore® programmes were created for Women who are ready to take charge of not only their Pelvic and Core Health but also their total wellbeing. No more "oops" moments!!

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