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New February Classes in a NEW LOCATION

New February Classes in a NEW LOCATION in Eastbourne, East Sussex. We will now be holding classes Hampden Park Sports Centre

Join us for our Holistic Core & Restore Every Woman Programme from Wednesday 21st February (10.30am or 6.30pm) for 6 weeks.

Holistic Core Restore includes a selection of weekly, progressed and integrated strength exercises, where functional, fascial movement is combined with total 'core consciousness' and the breath.

You’ll be performing squats, lunges, pulling and pushing movements, rotating, bending over and balancing….why? Because YOUR PELVIC FLOOR & CORE RESTORE LOVES & NEEDS IT and is stimulated most through SYNERGYISTIC MOVEMENT as opposed to ONLY PERFORMING static Kegels alone or doing sit-ups to flatten your tummy!

What to expect from Holistic Core Restore Every Woman® Foundation Course

During this intensive 6-WEEK course we begin the work of reintroducing your Pelvic Floor and Abdominals to the rest of your body (because that’s the way they were designed to work) and to restore their natural function and strength.

The Holistic Core Restore® Every Woman Foundation Programme is a 60 minute class or one-to-one sessions that has four key components:

Release – a simple, dynamic warm-up and mobilisation that improves alignment and gets you centred and ready for the class.

The main workout consists of a series of progressed, functional movements all designed to stimulate your pelvic floor as a part of first your core and then your whole body, as was originally intended! And we ALWAYS WORK WITH THE BREATH to really ‘supersize’ your connection.

Re-Release – a relaxing and re-mobilising end to the movement part of the session.

‘Time-to-Talk’ – every session ends with 15 minutes of space you to feed back on your time since last attending, and your ‘ Self-Care Log’. Talking is powerful. Women need to talk and we should never apologise for that. It’s what makes us who we are. It builds sisterhood, community, relieves isolation and reduces stress. The ‘Time to Talk’ portion of the class is just as important as the actual exercises.

Sometimes I may choose to lead a simple guided meditation to soothe and de-stress you before you float off home.

Alternatively, I may include a talk on a key aspect of the programme such as nutrition and offer you wonderful food or juice samples to illustrate that….I think people LOVE this part the most!

Hampden Park Sports Centre

The Studio. Hampden Park Sports Centre, Brodrick Road, Eastbourne. BN22 9RQ

Eastbourne Holistic Core Restore

07725 358811

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